Rent a car in North Cyprus

If you like nature and having your holidays at beautiful beaches, near crystal clear sea or tour trip to mountains covered with water springs and caves? Or historical cities with their markets full of aromatic spices? If you answered “yes” at least once, than North Cyprus is right for you.
The only way how to explore all these beautiful attributes of North Cyprus comfortable is by hiring your own car. Only by driving your own car can make you independent from public transport and expensive taxis. Become your own chief and discover all those places in North Cyprus just by yourself.
If you decided to rent a car, then Sun Rent a Car is just the right option for you. We, at Sun Rent a Car, want to make your trip to North Cyprus as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. We offer only high quality services in North Cyprus for competitive prices and we are the only firm which has an ISO certificate in North Cyprus.

Sun Rent a Car offers a large quantity of cars from compacts, sedans to 4×4’s. We have cars which will satisfy all your needs and requirements of your trip. You are free to stop and hire a car at every port in North Cyprus because we have representatives in every one of them. You can also save money by hiring a car in advance, depending on the season which you are hiring the car in.
Sun Rent a Car is not only competitive in prices but also in fringe benefits it provides. Car wash, electronic inspection and inspection by expert car mechanics are provided to make your journey safe and without any unnecessary hassle.